About Us

Our Mission

The Doodle Foundation is a registered youth training and development Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa that focuses on free online  education for the most vulnerable in Society. This includes long term pediatric patients, children in care homes and any youngsters that we can assist with world class education for their future. We also provide psychology and social development classes that are facilitated by registered psychologists. All donations to The Doodle Foundation are tax deductible in terms of section 18(a) and donors will receive a donor receipt for tax purposes.

Our team consists of Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers and Medical Professionals. We are passionate about the development of children, and we strongly believe in empowering children through education. Our focus is on bringing world class education to children with long term hospitalization and children in foster care. And not only providing world class education but to teach them the basics of technology use.

We start from the basics of reading, writing, colouring to providing students with extra classes for their more complicated subjects.  Support and tutoring are given to give every child the opportunity to gain world-class education that is part of the official Curriculum of South Africa (CAPS).