Our Programs

Online Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the emphasis and investment in online education. World class education can now be accessed without extravagant costs. The Doodle Foundation aims to take advantage of this and provide the children in hospital and other various institutions with quality online education to ensure they do not fall behind in their studies while undergoing medical treatment.

We believe that pediatric care and education is vital to the development of children and by filling the education gap while receiving treatment, it can provide children with a sense of normality in uncertain and fearful times. 

One of the major benefits in the program is that children can join class anytime. If the child is not feeling well or  post operation their classes will be saved for them and they can view it anytime.

Race to infinity Board Game

In collaboration with the official CAPS curriculum for the kids we introduce them to the Race to Infinity Board Game https://www.racetoinfinity.com/ . The aim of this is to introduce children from the age of 6 to mathematics in a fun and interactive way. They will be introduced to and learning mathematics without them even being aware of it.

Sadly, many children experience low self-esteem and low self-confidence when introduced to mathematics, which can affect their life and future. Race To Infinity was developed to help combat such problems. BeGenio’s Race To Infinity makes maths so exciting, in a board game that helps reduce mathematical anxiety, and enable children to love maths

Bedtime Snorriez

One of the goals of the Doodle Foundation is to facilitate peaceful experiences for the children. With bedtime Snorriez, our volunteers (after COVID-19 restrictions) will sit at the bedside and Online with the children after dinner, one day a week, and read to them from their favourite story books.

Apart from the various psychological benefits, this will aim to promote calmness before bedtime and reduce the impact of institutionalization from extended hospital stays. 

It will be presented in all different 11 South African languages. These books will be gifted to the children so that they can continue this journey of reading even after discharge.  They will be able to draw inspiration from these tales and it will broaden their minds to infinite possibilities.

Psychological Assistance

We facilitate the Best of Friends™ (BoF) program that provides a concise, engaging, and complete set of materials that facilitate Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Developed by Educational and Developmental psychologist Kimberley O’Brien and the Quirky Kid team in Australia, the BoF program draws on decades of clinical and schools experience and PhD research, combining engaging materials with effective techniques to help students overcome common social and emotional issues.

The BoF program helps students gain the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set, and achieve positive goals, show empathy to others, develop, and maintain friendships and make good decisions